Monday, 11 April 2016

Bloom Where You Are Planted

"You have such strong ethics"

This is a comment I received in the middle of one of my makeup lessons, whilst pinching my nose and persevering with stippling vegetarian gelatine onto my forearm to practice burns. I've never thought of myself as someone with particularly strong ethical values however they are becoming somewhat stronger.

About a year ago I became vegetarian, I watched a documentary about "free range" meat and it left me in tears knowing I was a consumer of  a product which was coming out of an industry I felt repulsed by, this past year I have become increasingly aware of just how much we, as a species, abuse animals. This is where the strengthening of my ethics is coming in.

I'm now working towards a goal of going entirely vegan and cruelty free - I'm not anticipating becoming a fully fledged vegan until I move out of my parents home because expecting them to pay for vegan alternatives and spend even more time cooking my separate meals isn't fair. My parents have been incredibly supportive of my becoming vegetarian, bar the odd 'hippie' jibe here and there, and are seemingly so in my decision to become cruelty free - not only do I not want to be eating them, I don't want to be wearing them (suede, fur or leather) or plastering my face in things which have made bunnies go blind.

However, as an aspiring makeup artist, in training becoming totally cruelty free in my cosmetics cupboard is proving difficult, but I'm committed to my cause. A cause I feel passion for, a cause which I am committed to, planted to my beliefs the animals are not ours to neglect or abuse. 

Alongside following my progress as an aspiring cruelty free, vegan, hippie makeup artist, I'm going to use this blog as a general space for my mind, to document my medical condition and the progress and downfalls in regards to that, my progress within the makeup industry and anything else Hannah. If you have any cruelty free recommendations or yummy vegan recipes, please let me know!

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